WAX Advisory Council

The WAX Advisory Council brings together the greatest minds in tech, video gaming, entertainment, and other industries to accelerate the adoption of WAX Blockchain technology.

Featuring members from the world’s leading companies:

Rich Widmann
Product Counsel, Google

Peter DeBenedictis
Chief Marketing Officer
Middle East & Africa
Jay Ong
Executive Vice President &
Head of Marvel Games
William Shatner
Actor, Star Trek's Captain Kirk
& more
Kurt Hollowell
Senior Engineer and
Interaction Designer
More coming
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Why the WAX Advisory Council?

Blockchain is a nascent technology that has yet to find a stronghold in mainstream video gaming and entertainment. This is due to a mixture of regulatory, educational, and user experience issues. The WAX Council aims to drive adoption of WAX Blockchain technology by aligning our roadmap with input from leaders from prestigious global companies.

WAX Council Members

WAX Council Members will provide input on topics relevant to their area of expertise, and identify potential roadblocks and requirements for blockchain to be incorporated into their business and products.

Highlight on:

We are pleased to welcome Kurt Hollowell, Senior Engineer and Interaction Designer at Magic Leap, to the WAX Advisory Council!